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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Owlet Design

Have a hoot, get creative and design an owlet which represents our school.

  • remember to name your design
  • include pictures/patterns linked our school
  • include a brief description of the design
  • your design must be returned to your class teacher on Monday 13th April.

Don't forget to visit the Big Hoot website to view artists designs.
We can't wait to see your designs.

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015 Project

We are pleased to inform you that school is involved in the ‘Big Hoot Project’. This is a public art event which will be held in Birmingham during the summer holidays.

Schools have also been asked to join the programme. Each school has been given their very own owlet to decorate.

Once the owls have been decorated, they will be exhibited across the City, in high profile locations, in Birmingham's ten districts for ten weeks.

At the end of the exhibition, the large owls will be auctioned to raise significant funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The Big Hoot After School Club

The Big Hoot after school club takes place each Thursday . The pupils in the club have all been chosen to complete the Arts Award, which is a nationally recognised qualification. They will help to decorate the owlet to gain the ‘create’ section of their award.

Thursday 12/3/15 Owlet treasure hunt.

The Big Hoot pupils met our owlet tonight! They successfully found him by following clues that had been placed around the school building.  After much discussion, the children in the group agreed on three names that they would like to call the owlet:
1. Mr Hoot
2. Wisey
3. Big Ben

Thursday 19/3/15 Art Hunt around school

The children in the ‘Big Hoot’ club were given the challenge to find different Art Forms around school. They found lots of different Art Forms such as patterns on the floor, photography in the ICT suite and acting on the school stage. By the end of the session, all pupils realised that art can take place in many different forms.

Big Hoot challenge: Watch the video clip. How many Art Forms can you find in the clip? (Wake Up clip)